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Here is a basic blog of sorts detailing what I've been doing and what is or will be added to the galleries



2 December 2011

All National Rally photos are now online, just the 2 WRC stages to do now !

30 November 2011

I am still adding photos from the WRC Rally. I took over 5,000 of them so it is taking me time to edit an diploid them in-between my day job and chores at home.

There is at least 1 photo of every driver I saw on this site, I do have more so if you see just one photo of yourself and want to see more please drop me an e-mail and I will put yours to the top of the queue !

12 November 2011

Getting up at 3:30 am and then driving off to the middle of Wales for the WRC Rally ! Got there around 8:30'ish and parked on a precarious hill. i hope the car will still be there when I return and not rolled down the hill into the pond below :)

Sweet Lamb is a great place to view all the action, with jumps and water splashes there is plenty to see and photograph.

Some great driving and the weather was very good. Took over 5,000 photos so I will be editing them for weeks to come !

After some 6 hours of driving due to huge traffic jams I am finally back home. My first WRC Rally was a great experience and I look forward to going there again.